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NWTC Creation
NWTC is patented internationally by creator John Stallwood. John is director and brewer of Nail Brewing Australia, the producers of Nail Ale - Best Ale at the National Festival of Beers 2002.

While studying brewing at the University of Ballarat in Victoria, John came up with the initial concept of NWTC. Michael Fic, Dean McLeod and John amused themselves over winter by drinking Nail Brewing Test Brews and playing the standard footy tipping system. The problem with the footy tipping was that it was no contest in that everyone tips the favourites.

Each week footy guru and future NWTC champion Michael Fic would open his big mouth saying the likes of, "I was going to tip them but it wasn't worth the risk". For once Michael was right, the standard tipping system is not a true tipping system.

John and Michael returned to Perth with the idea of NWTC evolving in his head. In 1999 under non-disclosure NWTC rules were created and a season of NWTC was tested. The system was refined and further tested in pursuit of the worlds best tipping competition.

NWTC was created with the idea of rewarding tippers for risk taken. By rewarding the tipper with an odd factor for the game, NWTC takes into account the teams strength, injuries, home ground advantage, position on the ladder, weather conditions and past performances.

NWTC patented system introduces to the world a true tipping championship.

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NWTC is patented 2002300286 - Method of awarding points in a competition and system therefor. Contact 0413 87 2337 for more information


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