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AFL Football Tipping System - Nail World Tipping Championship Tipping Methods and Examples

NWTC system and method provides more interest for participants, by providing rewards that are more commensurate with the risk taken, and by providing additional tipping opportunities in each round.

Learning Rules and How to Play:

The system is simple to understand and learn, and though it is not basic like normal tipping systems, once learnt, no participant turns back to other systems.

Rules and facts for NWTC AFL:

There are 8 games every round of AFL football and 22 rounds in a season.
The participant has sixteen (18) points to tip each round.
The participant must allocate at least one (1) point on each game (who they believe the winner is).
The participant after putting one point on each of the eight games has eight (8) remaining points. They can allocate those points on any one game or allocate them over any combination of all the games. Points can only be allocated to one team in each game.
Each team has a given odds factor of victory (this is effected by oval played at, team list, present form, position on ladder, past history of clashes...). The participant is rewarded the odds factor multiplied by the amount of point(s) that they allocated on the teams that they tipped which won.
Super 14's has 7 games every round for 14 rounds and therefore has 14 NWTC points/round.


Click either one of the links below to view an example of how NWTC AFL Tipping works:

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Appendix.doc (MS Word)

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Extra Features

Quadathon: Every four rounds constitute a Quadathon. At the end of every fourth round (i.e. 4,8,12,16,20) there is a Quadathon champion. Quadathon points are reset at the start of every new Quadathon. Quadathons add mini competitions during the season adding excitement to the season.
Scores: A score in the low teens is average. Averaging 18 a round will give the participant a good chance of winning in round 22. Below 10 is not a good result. A score of over 20 in a round results in the participant making a good leap up the leader board. A score of about 50 for a round results in the participant being rewarded a major gain up the leader board. A perfect round is when a tipper selects all 8 winners and has their 8 bonus points on the biggest outside winner.
Strategies: Participants come up with their own style of play from conservative to risky. When creating your tipper you must pick a default strategy. The default is used when you fail to get your tips in. Default Strategies are:

Favourite Spread: 2 Points on each of all the favourites with the home team getting the advantage if the odd factor is equal.
Favourite Pile: 1 point on each of all the favourites with all 8 bonus points on the highest odd factor of all the favourites. If there is more than one favourite with the highest odds then they will be piled on the first game to be played out of those games.
Home Ground Spread: 2 points on all the home ground teams.
Wild Pile: 1 point on all the underdogs with all 8 bonus points piled on the highest paying underdog. If there are more than one underdog with the highest odds then they will be piled on the first game to be played out of those teams.
Wild Jen Pile: 8 bonus points piled on the highest paying underdog and 1 point on each of all the remaining favourites. If there are more than one underdog with the highest odds then they will be piled on the first game to be played out of those teams.
Trends: With strategy come trends. The range of scores between participants changes all season resulting in constant leader board changes. At the start of the year this is dramatic due to the participants low total of points and also at the end of the year when participants take greater risks.
Reflection of confidence: The amount of points that a participant puts on a team reflects how confident they are of victory.

United Group Ladder: You may form your own group of up to 15 tippers. The top 5 tippers of your group scores are added to form your united group score.

Your united group score against other united groups can be seen on the tipper zone home page along wih your position in your own group ladder.

A tipper of your group must create a group on the tipper zone homepage and tell other tippers the groups name and password to join the group. The united group helps have your own NWTC tipping group, yet still compete with all open tippers, while also uniting your group together to win the quest for the united group trophy. Groups must be finalised by Round 8.


Exposed Tippers and Codenames: Tippers can pick a codename plus their real name. In 2006 the codenames were exposed from the top rather than the bottom (trial test). In 2007 this will change back so that the top of the ladder. That means the highest 5% unexposed tippers on the ladder get exposed each week revealing their name.



NWTC AFL is unique from other systems and has the following advantages:

The odds factor is the real beauty of NWTC AFL as it takes into account the oval played at, team lists, present forms, positions on ladder, past history of clashes, forecast, etc. The participant is rewarded for the risk taken. No tipping system rewards the participant in this way, yet this is the real heart of tipping.
This system is exciting for all 22 rounds. If you take a risk and put nine points on an outsider and are successful, you can score a round of 80 points and fly up the leader board. Picking a couple of upsets leads to a rapid rise, although the fall can be just as harsh.
The system is rewarding in that there is excitement in taking a risk on your belief or hunch on an underdog. The other year I was at an Eagle's game and was listening to the Carlton game on the radio because I had 9 points on their victory at 4. 5 odds. The excitement of backing an underdog and it coming through distracted my attention away from being at a live game.
Participants use different techniques in playing the game.
The system is exciting and research has found that participants that were not interested in football became interested. Research has also found that participants regularly followed other games in which their own team was not involved. This is great for AFL.
When scoring results the of the NWTC AFL system, the most wins total system (normal tipping system) would also be used as a minor prize. Having both systems adds another dimension to the game and shows NWTC superiority.

Playing NWTC

You must register your tipper.
Once your payment is accepted you can load your registered tipper.
When you load your registered tipper you enter the tipper zone home page. This is the heart of the NWTC. Tipper zone home page is where you can enter your tips, look at ladders and read the noticeboard...

Please make sure that your tips are confirmed that they are placed. Double check on the Print tips options (Should show your tips) and print for backup.

If you have any questions, problems, feedback, tipper statements or want to change your default, email Mobile Australia WST +61 413 872 337.

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NWTC is patented 2002300286 - Method of awarding points in a competition and system therefor. Contact 0413 87 2337 for more information


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